Switch On The Christmas Tree! JavaScript Code for Your Website

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Switch On The Christmas Tree! JavaScript Code for Your Website


Switch on the Christmas Tree!

A Christmas JavaScript code for your HTML website. With this code you can switch on and off the brightness of the Christmas tree. It is a beautiful Christmas website gadget. This gadget makes your website more remindable for everyone. Also suitable for lightning shop owners for the Christmas marketing season. You can use this Christmas JavaScript code also for commercial website. Please do not resell or distribute the code.

***What is included:***

After your purchase, you will download a ZIP file with a HTML page with the JavaScript Code and four images (Christmas tree bright, Christmas tree dark, on button, off button). You can open the ZIP file with the free 7ZIP software or with the Windows on board unzipping tool (right click on the ZIP on your desktop, extract ZIP file).

***How do you get this code on your website?***

Inside of this HTML page, which you can open with every HTML editor like Notepad from Windows or another HTML editor. On this HTML page are comments, which should help you to implement the code on your website. Please change the colors which are marked with brackets of the element background-color in the button code in the color of your website background. If you use Wordpress, you can use a JavaScript plugin (there is the free plugin WP Code, easy to use). Simply copy the code between the first comment and the end comment and put it into your HTML page. The Christmas trees (bright/dark) are transparent.

If you use it commercial and you have a webdesigner, you can ask him to implement the code into your website. If you need help with the JavaScript Wordpress plugin WP Code please ask the developer for support.

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You Will Get A Christmas Tree Switch On/Off JavaScript Code for Your Website.

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